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Archibiz Unpacks Marketing with Dave Sharp

Bec from Archibiz invited me to join her for the first episode of a new series called Archibiz Unpacks: conversations with industry leaders to help you hone in on your skills and capabilities as an architect.

Here’s Archibiz’s notes about this episode…

“In this episode of Archibiz Unpacks: Marketing, Dave and Bec discuss the importance of creating a marketing strategy that you can stick to and check in on periodically. Dave also unpacks all of the different social media platforms that are available for architects today, and how to pick the one that is most suitable for your practice. He also reveals his top three tips for building a following on Instagram.

Later in the episode, Bec and Dave talk about the challenges going on with Facebook at the moment, and how architects can navigate that with Instagram. Plus, you’ll learn about some new social media platforms you’re going to want to be paying attention to this year.”