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Email Marketing for Architects

Sending a regular email newsletter is the most effective (and sustainable) way for architects to win new business and improve the quality of your leads.

I’m serious! If you’re not sending a monthly email to your clients and prospects—you’re missing out on a lot of quality project leads and healthy word of mouth.

But you’ve tried email before and it didn’t amount to much, right? You sent an email to your clients at Christmas, or attempted to put together a quarterly newsletter, but you gave up after one or two issues.

You’ve thought about whether you should get back into it, that Mailchimp account is just sitting there doing nothing—but you don’t know what to send, how often to send it, how to layout your emails, or how to get more subscribers.

Forget everything you know about email newsletters! After years of trial and error, I’ve figured out an email marketing strategy that any architecture firm can sustain and see results from.

Watch this 90-minute webinar and I’ll teach you the exact method and examples I use with my consulting clients.

You’ll learn:

– Why email marketing is the most important (and most overlooked) marketing channel for architects—and how it helps you land new projects and generate word of mouth.

– Why most email newsletters suck, and how to make yours awesome.

– How to quickly build a list of subscribers using your existing contacts to make sure your emails are going out to the people who matter.

– The best way to lay out your emails to ensure they arrive in people’s inboxes, and actually get read!

– How to plan out a monthly email (even if you don’t think you have enough content) using my simple planning framework, email template and content checklist.

– New techniques you can use to collect subscribers from your website and social media.

– How you can build quality, targeted subscribers using Instagram and Google ads—looking at a couple of real example of successful campaigns architects have run.

– How you can setup automated email sequences that will help warm up new clients, teach them about your practice and nudge them to book a meeting—all on auto-pilot.